River is a bright and lively young boy from Kings County NB. He recently turned 9 years old and has suffered from seizure disorders his whole life.

After meeting the family it soon became clear they were thinking vacation but co vid interrupted those thoughts. As we continued to meet it became clear there was a way to enjoy many family vacations for a long time to come.

Earlier this month Doug’s Recreation in Sussex hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for Rivers Wish – A New to Him Travel Trailer. His face exploded with joy when wish-maker Tara invited him to cut the Ribbon.

We must thank all a Doug’s who went the extra mile donating a tv – dvd player a palm tree and a whole bunch of toys. They also provided a wonderful cake for the occasion. Can’t ever say enough about our amazing partners at the GPMC OF Canada who help improve working conditions for all people in this country.



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We’d like to give a special thank you to the following sponsors as well as other community
supporters & friends for helping make Alex’s wish happen.