Last year we were introduced to a young man with a huge heart. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and has endured other afflictions along the way. Our wish makers Laura and Sarah were excited to source out this amazing chair and discovered this is the 1st one sold in Canada. The seat is the same as ones used in NASCAR. We are pleased that this wish was again made possible with our partners at the General Presidents Maintenance Committee. The chair is made by Extreme Motus and we included a few photos from their website.



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Update from Mom

Blake can enjoy nature outdoors now not through a window with his granted wish of an all-terrain wheelchair.
As parents we want our son to experience life to the fullest and have opportunities like everyone else. However, it is hard to navigate the world in a wheelchair. Many restrictions were in place. His new set of wheels makes him a participant not a spectator now. He can go on sand to the beach and dip his feet in the ocean, on the rocks to the caves, have campfires, get soaked at the splash pads, join his class on school field trips, go on hikes through the woods and have snowflakes fall on him. Just to enjoy the simple things in life like everyone else means so much and less stressful as parents.
Seeing his smile and excitement when out in his new wheels means so much words cannot express our sincerest thank you to General Presidents’ Maintenance Committee for Canada and Workers 4 Wishes. We can have endless adventures with Blake in his new wheels.”


We’d like to give a special thank you to the following sponsors as well as other community
supporters & friends for helping make Alex’s wish happen.